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IVF treatment is known as vitro fertilization. It is quickly becoming the most viable procedure for handling infertility issues. It is a rather straightforward process that is actually pretty easy to understand. Yet it is not the logic and straightforwardness of the procedure that either frightens people or makes them hesitant. It is the emotional and physical repercussions of the procedure that provide a lot of gravity to the situation. No family is alone in battling infertility concerns. It can be an issue that is far from marginal, as it becomes all encompassing. IVF treatment includes four core steps:

  • Eggs are removed from the woman and placed into a laboratory
  • Donated sperm is used to fertilize the eggs in the lab. The sperm donor is chosen in collaboration with the individual/family, and is selected based on certain attributes.
  • A period of time, usually less than a week, proceeds in which the egg is reviewed to see if it has been fertilized.
  • Once fertilized, the egg is not officially considered an embryo. It is then implanted into the woman where the natural process can overtake.

The procedure is not 100% effective. Data from the United Kingdom suggests that only 1 in 5 procedures result in birth. There are also a few risks involved that every patient should be very much aware of. Now these are by no means common with Fertility Specialists, but it is certainly a factor in assessing if the procedure is a viable solution for the individual or family.

  • Multiple Pregnancies: Twins or triplets become a bit more common through IVF Treatment. Most people understand that twins have a greater chance of being born underweight or prematurely, which is a very real risk in this procedure.
  • OHSS: This is known as ovarian hyperstimulation. Typically it involves a process where the ovaries actually enlarge and press against other surrounding part parts. This tension is painful, but it rarely leads to anything worse. In a few uncommon occurrences, it has led to shortness of breath and severe fluid retention.

These are two of the more common side effects, but it needs to be stated that these are, in themselves, pretty rare. IVF is inherently safe, and its straightforwardness is one of its charms. The issues that procure around this procedure are often emotional. Families and individuals often face anxiety about the effectiveness and the mystery surrounding of the procedure worked. Also, it is a seven week process on the high end, which is a pretty substantial time commitment to something that is unknown. Between families, this could cause many frustrations, especially since IVF is often used as a last treatment option.

This was not in an effort to scare people away from the Infertility Clinic and the option of IVF treatment. But it is imperative people understand the reality of the procedure, including potential side effects and its overall effectiveness. Knowledge is power, and in pursuing something as sensitive as infertility, a wide understanding and large umbrella over the issue is essential to grasping what it all means.

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IVF Treatment

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