Dallas Fertility Treatment Specialists

Dallas Fertility Treatment Specialists

Fertility Treatments in Dallas TX

There are few things as rewarding and fulfilling as having a child. But the problematic reoccurrence of infertility can put a substantial dent in that life-affirming plan for a family. Fortunately, resources in the medical industry have been exploring fertility options and one has seemed to rise above the others in effectiveness, accessibility, and cost. This process is known as vitro fertilization, and it is the most highly recommended fertility treatment in the medical community.

The below is a guide to understanding what is known as IVF through the Fertility Specialists. How much will it cost? What kind of preparations are needed, and how can a couple know if it is the only option available to them?

So what is IVF Treatment?

When a couple conceives generally, the sperm fertilizes the egg in the fallopian tubes. The process of IVF is replicating this same procedure, yet it is done externally. A woman’s eggs are removed and placed into a laboratory. Now sperm is manually provided to the egg so it becomes fertilized. The sperm could be donated if the couple is having fertility problems, or it could be from the man himself. When the sperm fertilizes the egg in the laboratory, the medical doctors will usually wait a few days. When the sperm officially penetrates and fertilizes, it is now considered an embryo. This embryo is now surgically implanted into the woman, where the process of a natural birth picks up once again.

This entire process will take about seven weeks in all, from the initial removing of the eggs to the replanting, for lack of a better word, of the now fertilized egg.

What are Some More Details of How This Works?

Now the process takes about seven weeks in all, but it is not a fullproof universal strategy. It does not always result in a pregnancy. The effectiveness rating is between 20% and 30% for each implanting. This means that roughly 1 in 5 will give birth after one successful embryo implant, which is not a very high level of successful. But given the issues of fertility as a whole, it is quite a bit higher than any methods which have been pushed to the side.

The process of IVF treatment is not 100%) effective, and there are a number of repercussions that could occur both physically and emotionally. Always consult with a physician at the Infertility Clinic to understand the logistics of the procedure and whether it is a viable path for the family.

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