When my husband and I decided to start our family, we thought our journey would be an easy one. I got pregnant quickly, only to be devastated at our first sonogram to learn there was no heartbeat. My OB encouraged us to try again and several months later, I was pregnant again. Unfortunately, I had another early miscarriage.

We then tried unsuccessfully for a year before undergoing the full set of fertility tests to ultimately be diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. We opted to try IVF and did an egg retrieval. At that time, we were moving from DC to Dallas and began looking for a doctor to complete our IVF transfer. 

We were recommended to Dr. Peng by friends who had been blessed with a baby, thanks to the help of Dr. Peng. While we met with several doctors, we ultimately decided to use Dr. Peng for our transfer because of his expertise and knowledge, thorough approach, and compassion. He was the first doctor (in a long line of fertility specialists we met with) who actually addressed the pain of our losses and explained that his goal was to optimize each transfer, acknowledging the preciousness of each embryo we had.

After more testing, we transferred our first embryo and I became pregnant in 2018, six years after our first loss. Later that year, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy!! Dr. Peng and his team even came to visit me in the hospital when he was born.

When we decided to grow our family, we went back to Dr. Peng. After more testing, surgeries, and some stops and starts due to COVID-19, we had a successful second transfer and welcomed our second son at the end of 2021.

We cannot thank Dr. Peng and his team enough for helping us build our beautiful family, and would recommend anyone considering IVF to consult with him. He provides a personalized, compassionate, and very thorough approach to optimize each transfer. We are forever grateful to him!

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